Platform Speech Intensive

Imagine that you've been given ten minutes to share your thoughts on any topic. Would you eagerly embrace the opportunity or head for the nearest exit? In our 2-day Platform Speech Intensive you'll use our time-tested tools to discover dynamic topics, write compelling content, and deliver powerful presentations.

Your coaches are NCFCA alumni who have all stood in the trenches and understand the challenges you face. Using a sample speech, they’ll model a step-by-step process and lead you to develop and deliver your own platform speech.

Registration closes Thursday, July 8th at 5pm CT.



Thursday, July 22, 2021 (11am to 5pm CT)

Laying the Foundation (11am CT) — Shannon Kerr

What makes a great speech? Learn how to evaluate effective communication, discover your personal passion, and recognize dynamic topics.

Narrowing the Field (12:30pm CT) Luke Castle

Which one should I pick? Discover how to choose your topic, focus your ideas, and write a memorable thesis to frame your speech.

Finding Strong Support (2pm CT) Aley Oliver

Can I get some support here? Learn how to add credibility by researching your topic, evaluating sources, and verbally citing your support.

Discovering the Path (3:30pm CT) Natasha Pasui

Which way should I go? Discover how to lead your audience toward maximum impact with logical organization and effective transitions.


Friday, July 23, 2021 (11am to 5pm CT)

Tackling the Opening (11am CT) — Shannon Kerr

Would you like to join me on an adventure? Learn how to invite your audience into your speech with compelling hooks and vivid details.

Making it Personal (12:30pm CT) — Aley Oliver

What’s my point? Discover how to use a meaningful theme, memorable mantra, and personal connection to maximize your impact.

Impacting the Audience (2pm CT) — Luke Castle

How can I connect? Learn how to build a bridge to your audience through intentional tone, conversational style, and thoughtful reflection.

Presenting Your Speech (3:30pm CT) — Natasha Pasui

Are you getting my message? Practice presentation techniques, transforming your nervous energy into a dynamic delivery that impacts the audience.


Customize your experience:

Student Online

PRICE — $80

  • Online coaching (Eight 30-minute sessions)
  • Online activity groups (Eight 45-minute activities)
  • Activity guide to print for registered student

Parent: Register each student participating from home.

Club Hybrid

PRICE — $320

  • Online coaching (Eight 30-minute sessions)
  • Activity guide to print for coaches & club members

Club Leader: Register your club. Print activity guides for coaches and club members. Secure a meeting place during the scheduled event. Determine local  fees per student. Stream online coaching and arrange facilitators to lead small groups activities. Use the recordings to review the content throughout the year.

Club In-person



  • Activity guide (Print for coaches & club members)
  • Year-long access to coaching & activity video recordings for club use

Club Leader: Register your club. Print activity guides for coaches and club members. Host local summer camps or fall clubs at your convenience. Present recorded coaching and facilitate activities.

Club Guide

PRICE — $160

  • Activity guide (Print for coaches & club members)

Club Leader: Register your club. Use games and activities to supplement your summer camps or fall clubs.

Meet the Team


Mrs. Melinda Speece is a Region VII Treasurer, Judge Coordinator, Club Leader, and coach who also serves on the NCFCA Education Task Force. She and her husband Lincoln, have 4 children and serve as foster parents. In addition to serving her family and the league, she works as a freelance writer and editor.


Aley Oliver is a 2020 Region XII Alumnus who competed in 2 debate styles, 5 speech events, placing 1st in Informative at the Region XII Qualifier and breaking to double octafinals at the 2019 National Championship. She is studying Political Science, History, and Public Policy at Anderson University in SC.

Luke Castle


Luke Castle is a 2021 Region XII Alumnus who competed in 2 debate styles and 9 speech events, placing 2nd in Value Debate at his Regional Championship. He is pursuing a degree in Politics, Philosophy, and economics at Dallas Baptist University in Texas and hopes to attend law school.

Natasha Pasui


Natasha Pasui is a 2020 Region IX Alumnus who competed in 3 debate styles and 12 speech events, placing 7th in Oratorical at the 2019 National Championship and 1st in Policy Debate & Oragorical at the Region IX Championship. She is currently studying Event Management at High Point University in NC.


Shannon Kerr is a 2020 Region III Alumnus who competed in 3 debate styles and 7 speech events. Having earned her bachelor’s degree while in high school, she is currently studying for the LSAT and will pursue her law degree.

"Thank you so much. This was a life changing event! We will watch all the videos we missed, and we will make plans to attend the Online Intensive next year."

- 2020 Online Intensive Attendee

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Receive high quality training from the leading Christian speech and debate league. The 2021 Online Intensives are designed to help club leaders, parents, and students prepare for NCFCA's 2022 season. If you want event specific training, look no further!

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